A chance encounter landed Baron his first break in the ensemble drama film, “Marriage Prep.” He went on to act in a number of television shows including Entourage, America Most Wanted, Spy TV, Young and the Restless, Day of Our Lives, Domino Day and made a special appearance in Star Trek Nemesis movie. Baron has made a name for himself in the TV commercial arena having done national spots for Nikon, EBay, Target, Mc Donald’s, General Motors along with a-list actors such as Asthon Kutcher and academy award winner director Bennett Miller of MoneyBall starring Brad Pit. He added film producer to his credits by executive producing the award-winning suspense thriller, “Safe House.” Baron talks about how he financed the film. In big Hollywood studios, filmmaking is often a massive corporate endeavor demanding big crews, mega stars, multi-million dollar digital effects, and record-breaking opening weekends to offset astronomical budgets. Thankfully, smaller independent films are still a force to be reckoned with. But how do you get your indie in the can and out to an audience in today’s tanking economy? Actor/producer Baron Jay Littleton found his answer by thinking out of the box, convincing some cast members in his recently completed feature crime thriller Safe House to invest in the Production. “Actors think nothing of spending $300 a month on acting classes, directing workshops, headshots, clothes—all the things they do to find work,” Littleton said. “But when I initially approached my cast to invest in this film, some said they didn’t pay to be in a fi lm, they got paid. So I told them ‘We’re usually waiting for someone to give us work, right? Why not think like business people and invest in ourselves? Take the capital we’d spend on classes and whatnot for two months, and instead invest it in a film we believe in and can use to leverage future work.’ Baron is in pre-production on the “The Condo” as an actor/producer starts principal photography October 2012 which is about “Four married friends buy a condo to share as a bachelor pad, so they have a place to bring their mistresses, until the wives and girlfriends bust the cheating…spouses. He has several projects lined up for 2013 including Mafia Boss to the Cross, LA Gangs, The Disciple, and African Love Story he is currently filming “Not Another Celebrity Movie” as Kanye. Baron is much more than an actor and filmmaker. His philanthropic interests led him to start the Baron Jay Family Foundation which is committed to promoting health awareness, relationship guidance, employment preparedness, and financial literacy in economically distressed and under served communities.

Bio of Baron J. Littleton, Jr. from Baron Littleton on Myspace.